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Roaring Camp Covered Bridge

This was California’s first Pratt-Truss covered bridge built since 1896. At the time, the bridge was only 36 feet long, making it the shortest covered bridge in the United States. Even though the bridge isn’t very big, it can hold 5 tons.

The Pratt-Truss covered bridge was dedicated on October 26, 1969. This was 200 years after Don Gaspar de Portolé explored the area around Santa Cruz in October 1769. This was a fitting way to honor the history and heritage of the area, since the bridge is a unique mix of old and new technologies, having been designed in the 19th century and built in the 20th.

The covered bridge in Roaring Camp is part of the popular tourist spot Roaring Camp and Big Trees. It’s a reminder of how creative thinking and engineering skills have helped make California what it is today. Even though the bridge isn’t very big, it is a great example of how well Thomas Willis Pratt’s design has stood the test of time.

Roaring Camp Covered Bridge Historical Marker
Picture of Roaring Camp Covered Bridge