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New Hampshire is known for its picturesque waterfalls, which can be found throughout the state in both state and national parks. These waterfalls vary in size and appearance, from cascading falls to multi-tiered drops.

Many of these waterfalls are easily accessible via hiking trails, and offer visitors a chance to view the natural beauty of the state up close. Some of these trails lead to swimming holes at the base of the falls, which can be a popular spot during the summer. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just looking for a relaxing nature walk, New Hampshire’s waterfalls offer something for everyone to enjoy.

Table List of New Hampshire Waterfalls

Waterfall NameTownCounty
Champney FallsAlbanyCarroll
Lower FallsAlbanyCarroll
Rocky GorgeAlbanyCarroll
Welton FallsAlexandriaGrafton
Diana’s BathsBartlettCarroll
Swiftwater FallsBathGrafton
Gibbs FallsBeans GrantCoos
Basin Trail CascadesBeans PurchaseCoos
Eagle CascadeBeans PurchaseCoos
Jericho FallsBerlinCoos
Beecher & Pearl CascadesBethlehemGrafton
Zealand FallsBethlehemGrafton
Profile FallsBristolGrafton
Campton FallsCamptonGrafton
Livermore FallsCamptonGrafton
Lower Ammonoosuc FallsCarrollCoos
Falls on the Smarts Brook TrailCenter SandwichCarroll
Brickett FallsChathamCarroll
Emerald PoolChathamCoos
Hermit FallsChathamCarroll
Chesterfield GorgeChesterfieldCheshire
Little Hellgate FallsClarksvilleCoos
Beaver Brook Falls (Colebrook)ColebrookCoos
Middle Ammonoosuc FallsCrawfords PurchaseCoos
Upper Ammonoosuc FallsCrawfords PurchaseCoos
Dry River FallsCutts GrantCoos
Dixville FlumeDixvilleCoos
Huntington CascadesDixvilleCoos
Stepped FallsEllsworthGrafton
Wilson FallsFitzwilliamCheshire
Brennan FallsFrancestownHillsborough
Bridal Veil FallsFranconiaGrafton
Thirteen FallsFranconiaGrafton
Gilsum FallsGilsumCheshire
Porcupine FallsGilsum & SullivanCheshire
Alpine CascadesGorhamCoos
Triple FallsGorham and RandolphCoos
Sculptured RocksGrotonGrafton
Arethusa FallsHarts LocationCarroll
Flume CascadeHarts LocationCarroll
Kedron FlumeHarts LocationCarroll
Ripley FallsHarts LocationCarroll
Silver CascadeHarts LocationCarroll
Gleason FallsHillsboroughHillsborough
Wantastiquet FallsHinsdaleCheshire
Glen Ellis FallsJacksonCarroll
Jackson FallsJacksonCarroll
Winniweta FallsJacksonCarroll
Beaver Brook FallsKeeneCheshire
Falls on the Basin-Cascades TrailLincolnGrafton
Falls on the Flume-Pool LoopLincolnGrafton
Franconia FallsLincolnGrafton
Georgiana FallsLincolnGrafton
Thoreau FallsLincolnGrafton
Falls on the Falling Waters TrailLincoln and FranconiaGrafton
Nancy CascadesLivermoreGrafton
Senter FallsLyndeboroughHillsborough
Tucker Brook FallsMilfordHillsborough
Lower Purgatory FallsMont Vernon and LyndeboroughHillsborough
Upper Purgatory FallsMont Vernon and LyndeboroughHillsborough
Fall of SongMoultonboroughCarroll
Pollards MillsNewportSullivan
Crystal CascadePinkhams GrantCoos
Thompson FallsPinkhams GrantCoos
Garfield FallsPittsburgCoos
Rainbow FallsPlymouthGrafton
Appalachia WaterfallsRandolphCoos
Falls on the Howker Ridge TrailRandolphCoos
Mossy GlenRandolphCoos
Beede FallsSandwichCarroll
Great FallsSandwichCarroll
Ammonoosuc RavineSargents PurchaseCoos
Dryad FallShelburneCoos
Giant FallsShelburneCoos
Rattle River FallsShelburneCoos
Shelburne BasinsShelburneCoos
Crystal FallsStarkCoos
Pond Brook FallsStratfordCoos
Sabbaday FallsWaterville ValleyGrafton
Waterville CascadesWaterville ValleyGrafton
Garwin FallsWiltonHillsborough
Agassiz BasinWoodstockGrafton
Beaver Brook CascadesWoodstockGrafton
Paradise FallsWoodstockGrafton